What is a Training Network?

Skillnets training networks are groups of private sector businesses based in Ireland, in the same sector and/or region that have come together to carry out training-related activities that may not be possible on their own.

Member businesses, and their employees, are directly involved in the identification, design, delivery and evaluation of training.

Skillnets training networks provide training courses that are:

  • Cost efficient – subsidised by Skillnets, and the training network also has better buying power
  • Relevant - businesses can request the exact training their staff need
  • Convenient - delivered at a time and a location that suits members
  • Of a high quality – networks source the best and most relevant training providers

Being a member business of a Skillnets training network also has its own benefits:

  • Saving of time and resources – training network organises training courses on behalf of businesses
  • Networking opportunities with businesses in a sector/region
  • Creating new business contacts/opportunities
  • Sharing of knowledge, ideas, advice and best practice

Training network structure

Contracting Organisation manages the activities of the training network and receives the funds from Skillnets on behalf of the training network group.

Steering Group oversees and directs the training network and is made up of representatives of member businesses. The group meets on a regular basis and makes management decisions.

Network Manager manages the training network on a day-to-day basis.

Member companies span the full range of industry sectors and can be enterprises of any size.

Trainees include employees and unemployed people that satisfy eligibility criteria.

Network activities

In general, each training network carries out the following tasks:

  • Analysing the training and development needs of members and potential trainees, identifying skills requirements and priorities for action
  • Assessing the strategic importance of long-term competitiveness of the skills identified
  • Identifying solutions/delivery mechanisms to meet those needs
  • Developing training network structures and processes to establish the operation of the training network as a basis for specified training activity
  • Organising the delivery and implementation of training
  • Promoting collaboration and co-operative activity, sharing of knowledge and the exchange of best practice
  • Monitoring and measuring results, providing performance indicators and quality standards for training activity engaged in by businesses
  • Reporting on the progress, outcomes and impact of training network activities and processes to Skillnets


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