Influencing & Negotiating Skills

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River Lee Hotel

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Start Date: 11th & 12th March

2 Days, 9.30am - 5.00pm. Must attend both days.
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Part time
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Chamber Member Rate: €245.00
Chamber Non-Member Rate: €320.00

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The programme aims to enable participants to influence the thinking and behaviour of others through effective use of communication skills. This programme is designed to help participants to enhance their ability to communicate in a confident and professional manner. It will enable participants to acquire the skills to prepare and plan effectively for negotiations, to understand the roles and functions people play within the customer’s organisation with whom they are negotiating, to develop an awareness of strategies to deal with people in the customer organisation, to cultivate the persuasive style of conducting a professional sales negotiation, to understand how customer behaviour can influence the negotiation strategy, to explore ways to identify and deal with common barriers to achieving goals.

Delivery style:
Training delivery will focus on a balance of structured and formal training combined with interactive learning, teamwork and teambuilding (group dynamics and networking), practical exercises, individual approach, use of hand-outs and audio-visuals materials, and an online learning.

Participants will be provided with supplementary learning, knowledge sharing and on-line networking support through a dedicated learning management system platform regularly employed by QED Training to support the learning experience of the individual. Moodle is an online learning portal where participants can access the modules of the programme, view and submit assignments, communicate with each other and build an information-resource of use to them in the future.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learners who successfully complete this module will:
• Obtain practical techniques, strategies and skills for influencing others
• Be more confident in building rapport effortlessly with clients
• Discover their persuasion style and how to make a positive impact in using it
• Learn the skills to negotiate to lower overhead and maintain profit margins
• Understand the know-how of a negotiation process
• Be able to conduct the negotiation using persuasion and influencing skills
• Use the different negotiation approaches depending on the situation
• Be able to developing consensus in a negotiation process
• Identify the barriers in achieving a negotiation deal and learn how to deal with objections

Subjects Taught: 

Programme topics include the following units:
Day 1
1. Introduction to Effective Communication Skills
• What is a communication process?
• Different communication styles
• How to effectively communicate both verbally and non-verbally when dealing with a variety of different personal styles e.g., Dominant, Amiable etc.
• How do you communicate: Self-assessment

2. What is persuading?

• Using behavioural styles to persuade more effectively
• Powerful persuasion strategies

3. What is influencing?
• Building rapport and trust
• Weapons of influence

4. An Introduction to Negotiation
• What is negotiation (includes negotiation and agreement, situations, different types)
• Defining your own negotiation style
• The negotiation process
o How to make the big ‘ask’
o How to close the deal
o How to deal with rejection
• Gaining a ‘win-win’ situation

5. Conclusion
• How persuading, influencing and negotiation skills work together to achieve goals?
• How to handle challenging situations?

Day 2
1. How to best use and counteract a range of commonly seen negotiation tactics, ploys, and techniques.
• Identify the common styles negotiators adopt ranging from soft, hard through to principled or WIN WIN approaches
• Examination of what negotiators can face in their interactions with counter parts, recognising what is happening in real time and adapting their style to successfully overcome challenges
• Reflecting on and examining the range of techniques participants currently use and consider how they can be modified, added to, or acknowledged as best approach
• Key aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication which help give the right impression
• Discuss best styles for different types of scenarios & negotiators
• Questioning and listening skills reviewed

2. Developing your own “principled” negotiation style, adaptable to changing circumstances.
• Discussion on what principled negotiation involves
• Considering key changes to participants current approach/style to make them more principled
• WIN –LOSE to WIN –WIN negotiation

3. Opportunity to practice your skills in a series of role-play scenarios on which you will receive constructive feedback from trainer and fellow learners.
• Participants will be given practical affirmative and developmental feedback throughout the day as well as being able to partake in Q & A sessions
This is a key part of Day 2 and of the skills and learning transfer element of the programme.

In advance of attending this module, learners must reflect on their own personal approach to Persuading, Influencing and Negotiating Skills and prepare a balanced critique of same in a short written report, which they must submit to the trainer before commencement of the module.

During the course of the programme in one or more skills demonstrations (presentations / role plays) learners will be assessed on key aspects of topics covered (full brief available to learners on commencement of training).

All participants will be provided with a workbook, copy of slideshows, programme evaluation sheets, and other supporting materials related to the programme.

QED Training will ensure that attendance lists, sign-in sheets, participant evaluation forms and trainer evaluations forms are completed and that the information contained within is fed back to Biznetcork Skillnet in a pertinent and accurate manner. Unless otherwise stated, the assessment system conducted will be in line with standard QED Training assessment procedures and as well as what is required by Biznetcork Skillnet.


All persons who wish to improve their persuading, influencing and negotiating skills, especially people working in the areas of marketing, sales, advertising and buying.

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