Retail Management Programme - Customer Service Masterclass

Retail Management Programme - Customer Service Masterclass

Course Content: 

Who are your business’ customers?
Is Customer Service truly important?
Understanding Customers:
Different types of Customers
Which are most important in your business?
The Customer is Always Right! Is this true?
Customer Service:
What makes Good Customer Service versus Great Customer Service?
Silent Service
Delivering consistently Great Customer Service
Role Play
What should you do when problems arise?
Real problems and solutions discussed
Turning Problems into Opportunities
Changing Customers into Advocates
It’s All About Selling
Ensuring satisfied Customers
Understanding Customers’ needs (even if they themselves, don’t know)
Closing sales
“Perfect Partners” & Linked Sales

Learning Outcomes: 
a) Understand who “their” Customers are
Know that Customers are ALWAYS right
c) Be able to distinguish between GOOD and GREAT Customer Service
d) Have better competencies in dealing with difficult situations
e) See that GREAT Customer Service improves sales in a business
Course Requirements: 

This workshop can be adapted easily to suit both beginners and experienced retail people.

Name of Trainer: 
Keith Harford Ltd.
Course Venue: 
Springfort Hall Hotel
This is a half-day workshop, designed for all staff dealing face to face with Customers, allowing them to vastly improve their Customer Service skills.
Start Date: 
26th September 2017
Course Days and Times: 
This half day course runs 1.30 - 5pm daily
Subsidised Fee for Network Member Company (€): 
Course Fee for Non-member Company (€): 
This course is available to employees only.

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