Siemens S7 PLC

Siemens S7 PLC

Course Content: 

This course is aimed at Engineers, Technicians, Electricians, and Maintenance Personnel with limited experience using Siemens S7 PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller’s). S7 Hardware: Siemens S7 PLC’s, Fixed and Variable Slot / Absolute, Symbolic Addressing. Addressing Mode, Bit, Byte, Word, Doubleword. Digital / Analogue Input/Output Modules Programming Execution: Scan & Cycle Times. Linear and Structured Programming. Methods of Representation: LAD, FBD, STL, Graph7, CFC’s SFC’s and SCL Step7 Programming Blocks: Organisation (OB’s), Function / System Function Blocks (FB’s / SFB’s), Function Calls / System Function Call Blocks (FC’s / SFC’s), Data Blocks, UDT’s Boolean Logic: Contacts Normally Open / Closed. Positive Rising / Lowering Edge Detection, Logic Operations, AND, OR, AND Before OR. Result of Logic Operations (RLO’s), Timers/Counters: Types of Timers / Counters S5 & S7. Retentive / Non Retentive. Specifying Time / Count Value and Time Base Analogue Input/Output: Setup an Analogues Input/Outputs. How to Trouble Shoot S7: Modify / Monitor I/O and variables. Create VAT Tables. Analyse Diagnostic Buffer and CPU Fault Messages.

Learning Outcomes: 
On successful completion trainees will be able to work with S7 PLC's much more competently.
Course Assessment: 

The successful completion of this 5 day programme by the learner does not lead to an award, but a certificate of attendance is issued to each participant. In order to avail of QQI Level 6 accreditation 2 additional days must be completed.

Name of Trainer: 
Focus Engineeering
Course Venue: 
First Polymer Training
In order to avail of QQI Level 6 accreditation 2 additional days must be completed The 5 day workshop is designed for Engineers,Technicians,Electricians,Maintenance & those who are new to PLC’s
Start Date: 
25th September 2017
Course Days and Times: 
9.15 - 5pm Daily from 25th Sep 2017 - 29th Sept 2017
Subsidised Fee for Network Member Company (€): 
This course is available to employees only.

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