Funding for New Training Networks

Skillnets wants to hear from groups of private sector enterprises that are interested in setting up new training networks.

Skillnets training networks carry out training-related activities for their members that may not be possible on their own.

Following an in-depth assessment process, successful networks will be approved for funding for 12 months. 

Further details on the 2017 application deadline for funding for new networks will be available in early 2017.

Who can apply?

Any group of enterprises can apply for funding provided that they:

  • are based in the Republic of Ireland;
  • are private sector (public/voluntary sector entities are ineligible); and
  • have a strategic interest in developing a skilled workforce that matches their business vision.

Enterprises can be of any size, including sole traders. An industry federation, industry body or other existing enterprise group can also apply to Skillnets to form a training network on behalf of their members.

Why apply?

Creating or being part of a Skillnets network can:

  • help your business, and businesses in your region/sector, grow and stay competitive
  • lead to valuable networking opportunities with other enterprises
  • allow you to benefit from training that is relevant to your sector/type of company
  • achieve economies of scale, increase efficiency and lower costs - Up to 50% of the cost of all eligible network activities can be funded

What should you do if you are interested?

Contact us to discuss your ideas for developing a new training network:

Interested in Funding? Please submit this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all new network funding applications have to be from groups in the same sector or industry?

No. Applications can come from any group of companies with a shared training need. Networks can be a group of companies in the same region or a group of companies that have a common goal such as training their staff in a particular skill or area. Training needs can also apply to any specific group within a company, e.g. sales staff, operatives and owner-managers, or to the company as a whole.

Who can participate in Skillnets training?

Skillnets supports and funds networks of private sector companies to engage in training. We do not support training for the public sector, not-for-profit organisations or charities.

Member companies send their employees on relevant training programmes, which the company pays a matched funding fee towards. Limited training places are also available to unemployed individuals to enable them to up-skill alongside those in employment and to advance their employability opportunities.

How is the training organised for the network?

Each network has a management budget, part of which is used to recruit and employ a network manager. In each training network, representatives of the member companies form a steering or management group to oversee and direct the network. This group determines the training needs of the network and provide strategic direction to the network manager who in turn organises the required training with third party training providers.

How are the networks funded?

Networks are co-funded by Skillnets and the network member companies. Skillnets receives funding from the National Training Fund (NTF) through the Department of Education and Skills (DES).

Who chooses the types of training and who provides that training?

The member companies of the network decide on all aspects of the training. Skillnets makes no restrictions on who provides the training or what type of courses the network delivers, with the exception of excluding training that is mandatory by law. All networks must also adhere to Skillnets operational and procurement guidelines.

How is the training delivered?

Each network determines how and where the training for their member companies is delivered. Networks can deliver the training in a variety of ways such as in a classroom environment (instructor-led); on the job onsite in a company (involving input from instructor/trainer/staff); by e-learning and distance learning or may have a combination of methodologies by holding a blended learning event i.e. classroom and non-classroom (online, project work etc).

Are there any restrictions on the type of training that can be supported by Skillnets?

All types of training and development are eligible for support except for training that is mandatory by law.


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